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Registration process
  • If you require a place for your child complete and submit registration form, to then secure your place we require £150 registration fee ( non refundable) paid in cash or bank transfer only.
  • Adaptation will then take place a week before your child's official start date.
  • Adaptation details will be sent to you via email.

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DAY NURSERY All year round: aged 5 months to 4 years

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Please mention here the names of any other members of the family attending the School or registered for entry; or any other connection with the School.

Please say how you first heard of the School. Was it from:

Please state the name and address of the present school (with dates): Name of Head / Principal:


Early registration is recommended. A non-returnable Registration/Administration Fee of £150 is payable before the School will consider applications for Registration. Registrations will be considered in the order they are received. Offers of places are subject to availability and the admission requirements of the School at the time offers are made. A copy of the current edition of the standard terms and conditions will be supplied upon the offer of a place by the school.


We request that the name of our above-named child be registered as a prospective pupil. A payment for the non-returnable Registration/Administration Fee of £150 is paid in cash or bank transfer. We understand that the standard terms and conditions of the School will undergo reasonable changes from time to time as circumstances require and will apply in all our dealings with the School. We understand also that the School (through the Principal, as the person responsible) may obtain, process and hold personal information about our child, including sensitive information such as medical details, and we consent to this for the purposes of assessment and, if a place is later offered, in order to safeguard and promote the welfare of the child.

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Child's Medical History

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Record of Infectious Diseases
Record of Vaccinations and Immunisations (please tick or comment as appropriate)
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Whooping Cough

Record of Illness
Date Description
Hay Fever
Chicken Pox
Ear Trouble
Scarlet Fever
German Measles
Whooping Cough

Accidents and Operations (nature, date):
Special Dietary requirements (if any):
Sleep patterns: Does your child have a comforter? (e.g., dummy, blanket, toy, etc.):
Anything else we need to know about your child? (e.g., habits, fears, special words):